Dear Chapter Members and Guest:

As the Past President of the Maine Chapter Iíd like to say thank you for the opportunity to serve my second term as Chapter President this past year. It goes without saying that without a supportive Board of Directors (BODís) and chapter members, the job would have been a lot harder to do.

A big thank you to our Secretary Ė Treasurer, Tim Allen, who has served in that position for more than ten years now. Tim is the key person, who runs the Chapter with his endless documentation, maintaining the International IAAI paperwork, producing training flyers and the many other functions that makes up this organization. It was a comforting feeling knowing that if I called on Tim for something, it would get done.

This past year the chapter held a number of excellent training that included; Spontaneous Chemical Causation and Physical Properties of Liquid Gaseous Fuels in Ogunquit, Dryer Fires in Yarmouth, Critical Analysis of Post Flashover Fires in Auburn and the two-day seminar presented by Dr. John DeHaan, which was held in Augusta and was co-sponsored by the Chapter and the Maine State Fire Marshalís Office. The BODís have a number of possible training subjects in the works for the upcoming year.

The Chapter held its first Snowball Raffle this past year. The raffle was a big success with the profits raised going towards the Joseph Menezes Scholarship Fund. I would like to thank Past President Dan Roy for organizing the fundraiser and the board members who assisted with selling raffle tickets. The BODís have decided to run the raffle again this coming fall, so make sure you get your tickets when they become available and good luck!

During the June training, the Chapterís Annual General Meeting was held to elect new officers and board of directors for the upcoming year. Incoming president David Petruccelli, of the Portland Fire Department will undoubtedly administer the organization with professionalism and the upmost regards for the Chapter and its members. Robert Pinder of the Portland Fire Department, will be serving as First Vice President and Chris Stanford of the Maine State Fire Marshalís Office will be serving as Second Vice President. I wish the best to these new officers, as well as those chapter members who have been re-elected or elected to the BODís.

The 6th Annual Peter Simard Golf Tournament was held on June 12, 2014 at the Poland Spring Golf Club and was a huge success with twenty teams registered. The weather began a little wet, but it cleared up and was great for the remainder of the tournament. It appears that everyone had a good time and many are already looking forward to next yearís tournament. The final numbers are not in yet, but preliminary numbers show a good amount was raised for the Joseph Menezes Scholarship Fund.

Iíd like to thank my brother Steve Simard who did a lot of work including records keeping and gathering sponsors and teams for the tournament. If it wasnít for his work, the tournament would not have been as productive. Iíd also like thank my family members who worked during the tournament while we played golf. And I cannot go without saying thank you to those who sponsored holes, provided door prizes and of course the players. This year we received two major sponsors, Kaplan University and Uncle Andyís Digest. Their support was a big boost for the tournament and we look forward to their continued support next year.

As youíve heard from the BODís many times before and will continuously hear in the future, this is your Chapter and we always welcome your suggestion for trainings that will enhance the organization. If you have any suggestions for training topics or venue locations, please contact any of the Chapterís officers or BODís.

I hope you all have a good summer and I look forward to continuing my support of the Chapter and seeing you in the field or at future trainings.

Stay and be safe.


Gary P. Simard, CFI ĖCFEI
Maine Chapter IAAI President