Dear Chapter Members and Guest:

In June of this year David Petruccelli was appointed to the Chapter's President position. Unfortunately after only a few months in office David elected to resign this position due to a change in work schedule. He stated "I find that I cannot dedicate the time and leadership the Chapter deserves". I know David personally and understand this wasn't an easy decision for him. However, by placing the Chapter's best interest first he allows us to continue forward. We support him in his decision and know he will remain a valuable resource from behind the scene.

At a special Board of Directors (BOD) meeting in October I accepted the appointment as Chapter President. I have been a member of the Chapter's Board for the last two years and most recently held the Office of First Vice-President for the Chapter. With the help and guidance of the BOD I feel we can make this transition seamless. As Chapter President I will do my best to increase membership, provide enhanced training opportunities, and maintain the standards set by our forefathers. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year.

On a similar note, many of you have already heard that this will be our Secretary/Treasurer, Tim Allen, last year in office. He has decided to step down after 10 plus years of service to the Chapter. As we congratulate and thank Tim for his past dedication and tenure we also need to look ahead. Tim is willing to work with a qualified candidate in order to make the transition of this office go as smoothly as possible. Anyone interested in taking on this challenge should contact the BOD.

On a brighter note, our October seminar featured Instructor, Investigating Fire Marshal for the Chicago Fire Department, Jason Mardirosian. Jason did an excellent job teaching Fatal Fire Investigations with Line of Duty Deaths. His knowledge and experience on the subject only enhanced an otherwise terrific program. Jason has strongly expressed his love for this area and offered to return with additional lessons. We also acquired a new venue for this seminar, Kaplan University. Kaplan has worked with us recently on a couple of projects and is enthusiastic about maintaining our relationship in the future.

Our seminar in December will provide instruction on Forensic Photography. This will be a hands on course that will allow you to learn while using your own equipment. This will again be held at Kaplan University's South Portland campus. Flyer's for this seminar will be available shortly. Other seminars are in the works and will be announced soon.

In closing I would like to remind everyone that this is your Chapter. I, along with the other officers and board members are here for you. Your ideas, suggestions, and concerns can only be addressed if you express them to us. Don't sit in the wings. Take advantage of all the Chapter has to offer, become involved, and help us become the best Chapter possible.

Thank you,

Robert Pinder, CFI - CFEI
Maine Chapter IAAI President