Dear Chapter Members and Guest:

I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year. As we celebrate this event it is natural for us to reflect on the last 12 months. We look back on our accomplishments as well as the events that surpassed our expectations. We also analyze our past for things that may have fallen short of our goals or anticipated outcomes. As Chapter President I would be remiss if I didn't perform these same tasks, learn from them, and make changes for the good of the body.

Luckily, this past year seemed to produce more celebrations than short comings. We showed our appreciation to some past members by awarding both Bob Long and John Morse lifetime memberships to the chapter. We sponsored 4 training seminars, resurrected our annual Pierre J. "Pete" Simard Golf Tournament, and were able to help 3 students through our Joseph C. Menezes Scholarship Fund.

One area we seemed to fall short, is maintaining a strong attendance at our seminars. The Chapter's Board of Directors and I are currently searching for a solution to this problem. We all have theories as to why this is happening, however attempts to counteract these theories have not produced the results we anticipated. We questioned the locations of the seminars, compared to those who may attend. We thought by moving the seminars to different locations we may attract a larger crowd. This past year we held seminars in Yarmouth, Augusta, and 2 in South Portland. We questioned the subject material, thinking a wider variety or more interesting subject matter may help. Perhaps it was the instructors we were obtaining and names from other areas of the country would prove more attractive. Again, none of these attempts produced the results we anticipated. The 4 seminars we sponsored in 2014 were:

  • Dryer Fires: Instructed by Michael Stoddard, Fire Investigator for Wright Group, Inc.

  • Fire Investigation Topics: Instructed by Dr. John DeHaan, Co-Author of Kirk's Fire Investigation (Co-sponsored with State Fire Marshal's Office)

  • Fatal Fire Investigations: Instructed by Jason Mardirosian, Fire Marshal for City of Chicago Fire Department

  • Digital Forensic Photography: Instructed by Jason Burke and Eugene Gallant, Police Officers for Town of Windham
  • This is where I turn to you, the Maine Chapter's body, for help. I am looking for your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on how to improve or better accommodate you as a whole. By doing so, I feel we can move this Chapter forward in a positive manner, increase membership, and expand both training and networking opportunities. Remember, this is your chapter and it only works if you are active and participate. I am looking for honest feedback, your true thoughts. Without them, I'm afraid we may become stagnant and ineffective.

    I am asking you to please complete the Maine Chapter IAAI Survey by January 30th. Your answers and comments will be tallied and presented to the Board of Directors in February.

    To access the survey please copy and paste the address below:

    Maine Chapter IAAI Survey

    Thank you,

    Robert Pinder, CFI - CFEI
    Maine Chapter IAAI President